London Mayor Sadiq Khan: Opposition is 'not good enough' for Labour

Britain continues to sell arms to Saudi Arabia, a country that the United Nations says is committing repeated violations of worldwide humanitarian law war crimes in Yemen just as we have seen taking place in Syria. Conference, with Labour in power , your home and your commute get more affordable, the air you breathe gets less polluted, you get better pay and conditions at work, our businesses are supported to grow, and new jobs are created, he added.

Congress criticises BJP's 'grandiose' event after Uri attack

The BJP president also spoke about India's attempts to isolate Pakistan on global platforms and said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured the nation that the perpetrators behind the URI attack will be brought to book. Since last Sunday when four terrorists attacked an Army base in Uri killing 18 soldiers, the BJP's position has wavered from extracting a "jaw for a tooth", a line advocated by party General Secretary Ram Madhav, to the more nuanced stand articulated by both the Modi and ...


Gearbox wars: Honda patents 11-speed triple-clutch unit

Back when the transmission was first released, we were questioning the need for so many gears. The patent app was filed on May 27 of this year and as is true with any patent application, the tech in it may never find its way into a auto . That benefit is why many manufacturers have gradually increased the number of gears in transmissions over the past few years. It's a new automatic transmission that is aimed at improving efficiency even over modern dual-clutch gearboxes.