At Least 25 Killed in Airstrikes on Market Place in Syria's Idlib

Abu Omar Saraqib of the Syria Conquest Front was killed in an air raid on the outskirts of Aleppo late Thursday, rebels said. It failed to say which state's forces had carried out the air strike. But the name change was dismissed by Washington, which said it did not change its stance on the organisation that is listed as a terrorist group. It's understood they are going to discuss attempts to invent a truce that was national, enhance humanitarian aid deliveries and restart peace talks.

House passes Sept. 11 legislation as Obama veto threat looms

But supporters are bracing for a veto fight with the White House. The measure has been met with objection by Saudi Arabia, a key USA ally in the Middle East. The legislation puts President Obama in a hard decision. Supporters of the legislation see it as a moral imperative. If the door is opened for US citizens to take the Saudis to court, then a foreign country could in turn sue the United States , the Obama administration has cautioned .


Yao, Shaq, Iverson among 10 inducted into Hall of Fame

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The New Orleans Pelicans say guard Jrue Holiday will be taking indefinite... Iverson is credited for meshing the National Basketball Association and the hip-hop culture. Posthumous honorees include 27-year National Basketball Association referee Darell Garretson; John McLendon, the first African-American coach in a professional league; Cumberland Posey, who also is in the Baseball Hall of Fame; and Zelmo Beaty, who led Prairie View to an NAIA title in 1962.


Pokemon Go Updated With These Changes, New Sighting Feature Added for Tracking

It was developed by Niantic Labs and published by Nintendo. Well, for this writer anyway. In a note alongside the update , Niantic said: "We're now testing a variation of the " Nearby Pokémon " feature with a subset of users ". Now paint those corners! He posted some screenshots in the main Pokemon Go thread, which were pulled out into their own topic for discussion. They fixed whatever was wrong with the battery saver feature on iOS and re-enabled it.

Quadrooter vulnerability affects almost 1 billion Snapdragon powered Android devices

Once the app exploits one of these vulnerabilities, the attacker can gain root access - giving him unprecedented control over your device, including the data and hardware. According to the reports there are more than 900 million Android devices which are running on these Qualcomm chipsets. Users would be unlikely to know a breach had taken place without the use of security tools that could detect suspicious activity on their devices.